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For example, you can create two different voucher types to record payments made through cash and bank.


You will create a robust security module for this application to control its access. The application consists of several segments that need protection from unauthorized access.

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In this chapter you will spot all those segments which will be utilized in the next chapter to handle the application security. Assigning application access privileges to individual users is not an easy task, especially when they are in large numbers and belong to different positions. To make things simple, you will create a few groups, each of which will be granted different application privileges. Then you will create individual user accounts and assign them a group. Using this approach the users inherit their privileges from the group they belong to. In this chapter you will create the application users.

Each user is associated with a group and is assigned to a company. After making a successful log-in attempt, the application provides the users with the privileges of the group they belong to allowing them to maintain the accounts of the company assigned to them. The application stores encrypted password for each user. The interface created in this chapter will be used to set initial passwords for all application users. The same interface is provided to the users with fewer privileges so that they can change their own passwords when they want to. Different users in the application are granted different privileges.

Some users are allowed to maintain accounts of multiple companies, while some are restricted to handle just one company. The former group of users can switch to other companies, years, and fiscal periods from this interface. Cost conscious organizations always keep both eyes on their expenses. With the help of a two level cost center setup you allow them to keep track of all costs incurred on different departments in different locations. Financial accounting applications follow a pre-defined accounts list which is called the chart of account.

It is created to maintain accounts in an organized manner. In this chapter you will create an interface where users will create a chart of account comprising four levels for each company.

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  • The Copy Chart of Accounts utility is provided to avoid the labor involved in creating a chart of account for each company individually. It will allow the application administrator to copy an existing master chart of accounts to all companies created in the application. After completing the setup phase, you create an interface to record business transactions. This interface is called a Voucher, where you select a type, provide a number, select a date, enter a description, pick accounts and cost centers from their respective setups, and enter debit and credit figures. It is a real time process.

    Once you save a voucher, all financial reports in the application are updated immediately. Its a routine work for an accountant to search for a transaction recorded in the past. In this chapter you will create a utility which searches transactions for a user-specified criterion. This interface is created for authorized users to verify vouchers created by data entry clerks. Once a voucher is marked as verified, no one can manipulate it unless the authorized person reverses its state to unverified. It is a usual accounting practice to print vouchers after creation.

    This chapter will teach you how to create parameterized group reports with custom layouts. In this application you will create some generic financial reports. The ledger report is one of them which provide details of an account in a tabular form. To get this report, the user must provide a couple of parameters comprising account range and duration. The trial balance report presents opening, activity, and closing balances of accounts in a tabular form.

    You can generate this report for a specific cost center and for a selected level.

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    You will next enable the accountant to reconcile his ledger transactions with his bank. This is the first step in the bank reconciliation process where the accountant records all bank transactions which remained unreconciled prior to starting this application. This is the interface which you provide to the accountant for bank reconciliation. Besides the transactions entered through vouchers, this interface contains a region to display opening unreconciled transactions, recorded in the previous chapter. After reconciling ledger transactions with the bank statement, the accountant generates this report which shows the remaining unreconciled transactions and balances as per ledger and bank statement.

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